Dollie Dogood – it’s all about ME

Hello there! And a big excitable WELCOME to my fresh new & improved Dollie blog!

Put the kettle on?

Join me on my thought-provoking journey as I attempt to make a difference in the lives of my fiercely independent (often gloriously grumpy), yet unashamedly determined elderly clients in their quest to stay healthy, happy and safe in the place they love most – their own home.

Share my heartfelt stories, candid observations and life-changing reflections as I navigate my days working with (sometimes against!) older adults to respectfully provide the professional care and support they might need to maintain the everyday activities of their lives.

From assistance with mundane domestic chores, escorting them to the shops or to medical appointments – or simply getting them to a hairdresser on time to look spectacular for their 90th birthday bash!

Helping make a senior’s life a little more manageable is my utmost priority and it’s the tasks often taken for granted that can make an immense difference to an ageing person who is intent on achieving ultimate well-being and a reasonable quality of life.

Assisting with meal prep, ensuring ease and safety at shower time or help with dressing and getting ready for an important day out. Providing respite to live-in family members who, as much as they love their dear wife, husband, mother, father (or other?!) are grateful for an hour or two away from the heavy responsibilities they carry.

Or, even just spending time chatting and having a laugh over a cuppa and a biscuit, can do wonders to break up a potentially lonely pensioner’s day and extinguish nagging feelings of low self-worth or wavering confidence levels.

It’s not all geriatric doom ‘n’ gloom though!

Thanks to clever advances in medical science these ‘seasoned’ beloveds in our lives are sporting far better health and better wealth than ever before! Which means a whole new positive approach towards this next more-settled stage of their lives.  Our loved ones can now realistically plan for an exhilarating future and expect to lead active, vibrant lifestyles well past retirement.

And they’re dam sure being stuffed into a nursing home isn’t part of it!

Two sugars, thanks.

It’s time to rip apart those awful Ageist stereotypes and out-dated interpretations of what it means when someone is considered ‘old’.

Let’s embrace this thrilling empowerment, altogether now… in big loud voices:


Hip, hip HORRRAY for ageing joyfully!

I adore writing about my greatest passion: Aged Care!

And, although caring for older people in their homes may not be everyone’s cup of tea… if you’re naturally kind, have outstanding communication skills and can rustle up light-hearted humour in all the right places – then there’s no doubt you, too, could discover that this often challenging, yet totally inspiring occupation can offer immense personal reward.

Oh, I’ve laughed at dickey jokes, sung silly songs and even danced a jig or two; I’ve listened to the saddest (and gladdest) of stories, walked down a myriad of memory lanes and dunked my cookie into a thousand hot coffees with some of the most remarkable senior citizens you’ll ever have the pleasure to care for!


Of course there are the not-so-glam times when everything seems to go wrong and Mr Winklebottom yells at you for dropping the vacuum cleaner, making the budgie flap with fright and flick bird seed all over his precious 1960’s kitchen linoleum.

Or, you’ve forgotten to lay out Mrs Lederhosen’s favourite white petticoat so you have to dash out of the bedroom to find it. And even though she’s cross for having to sit in a cold draught (with the door that you left open) she still squeezes your hand at the end of the shift, looks you straight in the eye and genuinely means it when she says she looks forward to seeing you next week.

And would you like a dollop of cream on your strudel, Dollie?

Every day is shiny and new. And every day is different.

Yet, I am always amazed at how even the smallest dose of lovingly administered care can leave a person smiling, their self-esteem boosted, perhaps their minds stimulated and if they’re lucky – their funny-bones tickled!

With faith in society restored, my clients are no doubt relieved to know that regardless of their distinguished age, and despite any niggling infirmity – they are most definitely considered worthy of having dignity, choice and independence.

Which is exactly how it should be.

After all, isn’t there always time for another cuppa?